Your company’s data is the result of months or years of hard work. The documents, data, and contacts need to be protected and backed-up to ensure that any technical glitch won’t delete important information. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that your data is protected by using Bedrock IT’s back-up protection services.

The best route to data recovery is preparation. By developing an easy-to-use and update system, your data will be protected and ready to be restored at any time. The back-up can be developed to cover some or all of your data, and to recover data from an entire network or workstation by workstation. The back-up timeline can be continuous, hourly, daily or otherwise. The right combination of priority documents, dynamic workflows, and general storage is required to ensure restoration is easy.

In addition, there are on-site and cloud options for data recovery. On-site back-ups can include onsite hard-drives or other storage media that are integrated in your company network. Off-site back-ups include cloud-based hard drives and servers access via an internet connection. Remote storage provides a security that is unaffected by physical threats to your office, such as theft or fire.

No one wants to deal with a data disaster. Yet, ignoring the potential places your company and its information at big risk. Your company is unique and so too are your back-up needs. Working with Bedrock IT’s trained professionals, together you can determine and implement the best back-up solution to meet your company’s dynamic needs.