Comparisons & Conclusions

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Security Awareness Training Reviews – Comparison & Conclusions

All the companies providing solutions have their own unique selling points.
In the table below is a general overview of how their features compare to one
another, this is to help you decide which company’s offerings are best suited for your organization.

TerraNova KnowBe4 Wombat Security PhishMe Sword & Shield Symantec Security Awareness Inc Cyber Risk Aware
Awareness Training x x x x x x x
Phishing Simulation x x x x x
Suspicious Email Reporting + Response x x x
Compliance and Governance Training x x x x x x x
USB Drive Test and Smish Simulations x x x
Managed Services x x x x

Recommendations: KnowBe4 and Cyber Risk Aware are leading the way in terms of innovation and ingenuity with their EZXploit and Real-Time Intervention awareness programmes, respectively. They are almost certainly at the cutting edge of
developing training solutions for current security issues.

Sword & Shield and Symantec, while their security awareness training seemed a bit lacklustre and basic, they are great for enterprise security solutions. Sword & Shield with security posture assessments and digital forensics being their primary focus, and technical security solutions being Symantec.

If your organization’s main concern is is phishing. PhishMe, TerraNova, KnowBe4 , Cyber Risk Aware and Wombat Security provide solutions to help reduce your concern, increase your staff’s knowledge and increase the strength of your human firewall.

If you need take a hands on approach and leave in the hands of the professionals PhishMe, TerraNova, KnowBe4, and Wombat Security all provide management services so
you can focus on taking care of other tasks within your organization.

Although many of the companies offer compliance and governance training. TerraNova offer the most extensive program covering HIPAA and PCI-DSS among others. Cyber Risk Aware covers a larger number of regulation in many countries, but they’re not as in-depth.

Hopefully this series of articles has help you navigate through the many security awareness solutions available and helped you to find the right training package for your organization.