IT Consulting In Ottawa

Bedrock IT provides professional IT consulting services for business computer system design and integration. You can trust that our team will supply impartial technical advice and guidance for your organization. We are not partial to any particular software or hardware companies and we are able to provide you with an objective solution that truly meets the needs of your business.

Our technical consultants will perform a detailed, professional requirements analysis. Once we have identified and determined your business needs, we will provide you with several potential solutions that meet the needs and remain within the budget of your organization. Factored into our analysis are important assessments such as vendor support and equipment reliability. After receiving your response and input, we present you with a proposed design so that you can make an informed decision about your system.

Mobile computing, cloud services, and data services have dramatically changed how businesses operate. To turn these changes into a competitive edge, you need an IT consulting firm that has solid solutions, solid strategies, and solid expertise. With your input, we will:

  • Clearly define current problems and challenges facing your business
  • Design solutions and strategies that resolve those problems and enable you to face those challenges
  • Efficiently implement solutions that will grow your business, increase your revenue, and decrease your costs

Benefits of BedRock IT Consulting in Ottawa

We aren’t just interested in completing a job so we can send you on your way. We take a full-scale approach and work by your side to learn about how your business operates so we can—together—find ways to improve. We look at the following:

  • Your vision, mission, and goals
  • Current IT infrastructure
  • Current skills of employees
  • IT, security, and data policies

Then, we help craft solutions based on best practices that can help you in both the short- and long-terms. We promise that results will be measurable so you can see how we help you succeed.

What makes us different from other IT consulting firms?

  • Our approach reduces the risk of failure and raises the potential of positive outcomes
  • We have expertise in complicated technologies and will recommend new tools and processes that will make your business more efficient.
  • We walk you through how solutions will work before we implement them and remain on hand to help your employees learn new technologies
  • We bring knowledge and insight from working with a broad range of customers in multiple industries to your business environment