Security Awareness Training Reviews – Cyber Risk Aware

Cyber Risk Aware are a relative newcomer to the end-user security awareness market.
They offer many solutions to help increase your staff’s awareness of the dangers in the
virtual world including phishing simulations, security awareness training and cyber
knowledge assessments to name a few. They are International Cyber Threat Task Force’s
Cyber Start-up of The Year winner for 2017, meaning that they should be taken as serious
consideration as providers for your organization’s security awareness training needs

Below is an explanation of the security awareness services that Cyber Risk Aware offer
to help you determine if Cyber Risk Aware are the right security awareness training providers
for you.

Phishing Maestro: Phishing Maestro is a Cyber Risk Aware’s phishing attack simulator which
boasts innovative features such as Burst Mode and C-Suite Attack™. Burst mode is a feature
that uses multiple email templates to help deter staff telling each other about which emails
are associated with the phishing simulation which often leads to inaccurate results in phishing
campaign simulations. C-Suite Attack™ simulates business email compromise attacks by including
the names of your organization’s chief officer’s, to assess your employees response to an official
looking email from a high ranking member of your organization.

Security awareness training: Cyber Risk Aware provides security awareness training through their
SaaS platform. Regarded as the “most user-friendly GUI on the market”, Cyber Risk Aware provide
training to your staff in the form of frequent one minute security videos covering topics such
as social engineering, USB key drops and the dangers of free Wi-Fi amongst many others. Cyber
Risk Aware believe in taking a baseline assessment of your staff’s cyber security knowledge
before engaging in awareness training, so you can track the benefit their solutions are providing
for you.

Real-Time Intervention Awareness: Cyber Risk Aware’s ingenuity really shows in their Real-Time
Intervention Awareness. The feature, which is now in beta mode, is designed to provide an alert
not just to your security team when an existing security defence policy is broken, but to the user
alerting them to the dangers of the actions and providing them with information to reduce risk
in the future.

Cyber Risk Aware have other solutions currently in beta to help create your human firewall
including USB Risk Maestro™ which tests your user behaviour when they find an unknown USB thumb
drive and Smish Maestro™ which allows you to test your staff’s reaction to SMS phishing campaigns.
These developments when coupled with their Burst and C-Suite Attack technologies show that Cyber
Risk Aware are the rising talent within the security awareness sector that focus on reacting to security
trends by being a producer of the latest and most innovative training solutions.

This is not full list of Cyber Risk Aware’s solutions, if you would like to no more about their services,
visit their website at

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