Systems Design & Building

Bedrock IT doesn’t just provide consulting services to Ottawa businesses; we also fully design and build systems that meet your needs.

We design and build systems that integrate the following:

  • software (from basic office software to complex programs)
  • networks (including setting up LANs and WANs; installing and configuring modems, routers, and switches; and connecting wireless and wired networks)
  • operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Every step of the way, we work with you to build a system that meets your needs.

When the design and build process is complete, we provide the following:

  • Documentation that covers the physical details of the system so you know everything you need to know about how the components of the system are connected—including all of the physical connections such as power, networking cables, storage, and any other aspects of integration with devices either inside or outside of your facilities. Depending on the systems provided, we will supply diagrams of racking locations and servers.
  • Documentation for all hardware which will include detailed configurations of each device we install, upgrade, or change for your business and information on how to use those devices.
  • Documentation for all software which will include all programs, tools, and other systems that were either installed, changed, or upgraded. If staff members are not already familiar with the software, we will provide guidelines on how to use the software. We will include details on the installation process, any customizations that were made, and what you will be expected to do to keep the software running smoothly and effectively for your business.

We will also carry out test cases that show that the hardware and software included in the system build are operating correctly. These can be carried out live on site, or recorded and supplied via video.
Prior to turning the system over to you, we will carry out broad, end-to-end tests to ensure that the system holds up under both normal business operations and periods of heavy usage.
We will also provide a report on any data that was added, changed, or transferred from an old system to the new system. We will supply backups of content and data and documentation on how that data is to be accessed in case of a hardware failure, software failure, or power outage.