Do You Need a Dedicated Server?

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What Is a Dedicated Server?

Like the name suggests, a dedicated server is set up so that all of its computing resources are dedicated to a single user rather than a number of users. Sometimes, the term is used to refer to on-site servers that are owned by their users, while other times, the term is used to refer to off-site servers that are available through managed services Ottawa in much the same manner as their shared counterparts. Whatever the case, dedicated servers possess their fair share of pros and cons, meaning that their use is better-suited to some Ottawa-based businesses than others.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Dedicated Server?

Here are the pros of a dedicated server:

  • The single biggest benefit of a dedicated server is that a single user controls all of its computing resources, meaning that there is no chance of their websites experiencing a slowdown from traffic to other websites stored on the same server so long as their computing resources are sufficient for their needs.
  • Furthermore, businesses that own their own servers have complete control over their hardware and software, meaning that they can set up whatever they need instead of being forced to settle for whatever they can find. For those that want something special for their websites, this can be a critical factor.
  • Dedicated servers tend to be more secure than shared servers because there are fewer people with access to them. As a result, there is a much smaller chance of cross-contamination from websites stored on the same server, which is important for not just businesses that want to keep their information safe and sound but also businesses that want to reduce their need for IT services Ottawa.

For comparison, here are the cons of a dedicated server:

  • Using a dedicated server is much more expensive than using one of the other hosting options for the simple reason that the costs of the server are shouldered by a single user rather than a number of users.
  • Businesses that choose to set up their own servers on their premises instead of renting them will face further costs in the form of installation, repair, and maintenance. For example, keeping a server running in a smooth and uninterrupted manner is something that calls for considerable expertise and experience, meaning that Ottawa-based businesses will have to hire either IT personnel or Ottawa IT support to handle such responsibilities.

Do You Need a Dedicated Server?

Summed up, dedicated servers are best-suited to businesses with a high demand for computing resources as well as a powerful need to protect sensitive information such as the customer payment information that passes through e-commerce operations. As a result, businesses often choose to start with either shared hosting or VPS before making a transition to dedicated hosting after they expand past a certain point. Ottawa-based businesses that are unsure whether they have passed this point or not should make sure to seek out a specialist for Ottawa tech support so that they can get a professional’s opinion on the matter.

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