End User Awareness Training

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How End-user Awareness Training Can Benefit IT Companies in Ottawa

Users of computer services in Ottawa need to be in the know when it comes to
their capabilities in protecting their company’s IT Infrastructure.
In a study published in April 2016, researchers found that 48% of people
who find a USB thumb drive will plug it in to their own computer. Very few
of these people had concerns for their device security. This should be
an eye-opening fact to management at Ottawa IT companies.

People seem to be the weak link in the security chain. 95 % of successful
security breaches are caused by human error, and the majority of those
breaches are caused by innocent mistakes. How are IT companies in Ottawa
to mitigate the substantial risk their staff present to their networks and
data? End-user awareness training. Below are examples of what Ottawa
computer services users and staff at Ottawa IT companies will learn
through end-user awareness training.

Password strength: Weak passwords equals weak security. End-user awareness
training will teach users of computer services in Ottawa how to develop strong
passwords and keep them secure to prevent data breaches and loss of public
trust in the company.

Fact: 66% of small and medium sized businesses that experience a data breach
shutdown for a day or more, or go out of business entirely within the 6 months
following the incident.

Phishing emails: Phishing attacks are a great way for attackers to gain access
to your network. Whether they are “phishing” for account log-in credentials,
or presenting malicious software in the form of email attachments, phishing
is often the quickest and easiest way to get past perimeter security solutions.
End-user awareness training can teach your staff how to identify phishing
emails, and how to recognise more targeted efforts like spear-phishing and
whaling attacks.

Fact: It costs a company approximately 136 US dollars per record after a
data breach.

Social engineering: Social engineering is the art of manipulating people
for personal gain. Social engineers can be so skilled at deception that
it is entirely possible that Ottawa IT companies have been victim to
a social engineering attack and are completely unaware of it. End-user
awareness training can teach your staff in determining whether a person is
a genuine client with genuine questions, or a social engineer with malicious

Ottawa computer services users and staff at Ottawa IT companies need to be
trained in how to use their devices securely. The benefit for staff is that
they can apply the principles they learned in company sponsored training at
home. The benefit for Ottawa IT companies is knowing their staff are now
educated in keeping their systems, data, reputation and livelihoods secure.