IT Helpdesk Support in Ottawa

If you don’t utilize a helpdesk application already, it could be one of the best, most time-saving additions to your business’ operations. An IT helpdesk is a resource designed to address the questions of employees regarding the software, hardware, and networking devices used in your organization. It is a way of helping your employees help themselves without tying up the hands of your IT workers. The articles, videos, tutorials, and FAQs contained in the helpdesk resource zone will allow your employees to solve many of the most basic problems that they face at their workstations, enlisting your IT staff with only the toughest cases.

Bedrock IT also implements a ticket management system which allows your IT workers to keep track of every request for help so that none fall through the cracks. With this system, your IT department will be able to prioritize requests, determine which ones need to be solved first, and keep the employees who need help updated throughout the entire process—whether that process takes minutes, hours, days, or weeks. This cuts down on confusion in the work environment and is a way to foster effective communication between different departments within your organization.

Your local IT support staff will be able to handle most issues on their own, but, if they need help, they will be able to escalate a problem to our support staff for further advice and direction.

Here are some more ways having an IT helpdesk will be a great benefit to your business:

  • IT helpdesks save you money. A study of Fortune 100 companies by Forrester Research found that $100 billion dollars are lost each year because of routine IT problems. Keep money in your company’s bank account by having a helpdesk available to your employees.
  • IT helpdesks save time. Another study found that 8% of productive work hours are wasted because of IT problems. Having a helpdesk can keep your workers actually working, not waiting for computer problems to be solved.
  • IT helpdesks give you access to immediate assistance. With immediate help available, workers are no longer waiting around for IT personnel. They are actively trying to solve whatever the issue might be.
  • IT helpdesks help your company remain secure. Cyberattacks are now more common than ever, and they often begin in seemingly innocuous ways. A helpdesk can provide resources that warn employees against common tricks used to sabotage, hack, or infect business’s computer systems. Being able to get immediate answers about what to do with a suspicious attachment can save your business a whole lot of heartache.

Let Bedrock IT help your organization set up a full-throated helpdesk that is guaranteed to be of benefit to your organization.