How Machine Learning Could Change Network Management Forever

By December 20, 2017Uncategorized

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is when a machine learns through its experiences. Since machines can perform a lot of tasks much faster than their human counterparts, this means that machine learning possesses enormous practical value. For proof, look no further than the fact that Google has been using RankBrain as one of the main components of its search algorithm since 2015.

Is Machine Learning Being Used in Network Management?

Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of interest in machine learning from the field of network management, which has been becoming more and more automated as opposed to the manual process that it once was. For example, Cisco is looking into the potential of self-learning networks, which promise to be able to use their experiences to notice when something abnormal is happening within themselves. Something that has become more and more important as malware becomes more and more innovative, as shown by a recent example that used tweets to exfiltrate stolen information. Although a Cisco self-learning network architecture is not available at the moment, it has put up some demonstrations of how self-learning networks would function, including a demonstration of one using its distributed learning agents to detect a DDoS attack and then categorize it for increased ease of response.

Furthermore, there are companies out there claiming that their cybersecurity solutions have incorporated machine learning for better performance over time, though it should be noted that such technologies are still in their earliest stages of implementation in said field. Regardless, the Internet of things is coming into being, meaning that businesses must step up their cybersecurity measures because more connections mean more opportunities for someone or something to break into their IT systems.

Why Do Ottawa Businesses Need to Be Prepared for Machine Learning in Network Management?

Summed up, it is clear that machine learning promises to become an important part of network management, seeing as how its initial offerings have started showing up. For Ottawa businesses, this represents both risks and opportunities, which is why they should seek out Ottawa network support services from a provider of their choice for help in implementing such solutions as soon as possible. After all, machine learning promises to make their networks run that much better, particularly when combined with the expertise and experience that can be made available to them through managed network services. Fortunately, there are numerous Ottawa-based businesses that specialize in providing Ottawa network support, meaning that interested parties should have no problems finding a provider of managed network services and other network management essentials to suit them.

However, machine learning could constitute a serious risk for Ottawa businesses as well. After all, machine learning could make networks run better and better over time, meaning that the Ottawa businesses that adopt it as soon as possible can expect better outcomes in exchange for fewer costs. Something that would provide them with a significant competitive advantage over their competitors in the same field. However, there is a problem in that there are more and more businesses using “AI,” “machine learning,” and the like as hollow marketing phrases as well, meaning that Ottawa businesses will need to watch out for these.

As a result, even Ottawa businesses that handle their own network management should consider consulting with those that specialize in offering Ottawa network support in the form of managed network services and other network management essentials. After all, those who specialize in providing Ottawa network support can dedicate the full extent of their resources to keeping up with the latest in network management, meaning that they can help both their managed network services customers and others implement the machine learning solutions that are suitable for their needs while avoiding those that would not help.