How to Disaster-Proof Your Business

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Why Is Disaster-Proofing So Important?

Disaster-proofing increases a business’s chances of survival in the long run by enabling it to not just recover but also recover as soon as possible following a disaster such as a fire or a flood. This is important because the statistics show that a significant percentage of businesses are unable to restart their revenue-earning operations once interrupted in this manner, while even more businesses will become bankrupt in the near future because of the lost revenues and incurred expenses. Fortunately, there are numerous IT companies in Ottawa and other service providers in said region that can help interested parties prepare their businesses to survive the worst case scenario.

How Can You Disaster-Proof Your Business?

The first step in disaster-proofing a business consists of coming up with a contingency plan. Said plan should have implementable steps for restoring the business’s revenue-earning operations once interrupted. Furthermore, each step should be known to the people who would be responsible for implementing it should that prove necessary. For example, if a business’s computer network has been brought down by either viruses, trojans, or some other form of malware, its IT personnel should know where its latest on-site backup can be found. If said backup has been rendered unusable, those same IT personnel should know which of the IT companies in Ottawa has been entrusted with the latest off-site backup as well as the best method for contacting them for further support. With that said, it is important to note that no contingency plan is ever perfect. As a result, businesses should consider running drills with the cooperation of their Ottawa computer services provider of choice for the purpose of testing their responsiveness as well as finding potential points of improvement.

Speaking of which, one of the most important components of a contingency plan is the business’s backup policies. Simply put, a business needs to make multiple backups of its computer networks on a regular basis, with two backups stored on separate mediums on their site as well as one backup entrusted to one of the IT companies in Ottawa that specialize in providing backup services. By doing so, businesses can be sure that they will be able to restore their computer networks should they ever be compromised by either a natural disaster or a man-made threat, particularly since there are backup-related Ottawa computer services that secure backups by storing them on numerous hardened servers situated far from one another.

Third, businesses should make sure to have sufficient insurance coverage to provide for the costs of repair and replacement should something bad happen. This can be a complicated process because more coverage means a higher premium, with the result that businesses will have to choose a level of coverage that is acceptable at a premium that they are willing to pay. Since figuring out the costs for repairing and replacing routers, servers, and the other components of a devastated IT

infrastructure can be challenging even for IT specialists, businesses should contact a wide range of IT companies in Ottawa in order to come up with an approximate range for the likeliest possibilities. Something that should help them figure out the right balance between coverage and premium when combined with the chances of something bad happening, which is information that can be had from their Ottawa computer services providers and the like as well.

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