How to Tell When Your Network Is Under Attack

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Why Do You Need to Know When Your Network Is Under Attack?

The sooner that businesses notice that their computer networks are under attack, the sooner that they can mount a response. This is important for not just limiting the damage but also for reducing the chances of future recurrences with some help in the form of Ottawa network support from Ottawa IT companies.. However, noticing a cyber-attack can be more challenging than it sounds, which is why Ottawa businesses should consider managed network services for superior results in IT matters.

How Can You Tell Your Network Is Under Attack?

One potential sign of a cyber-attack is when internal hosts start communicating with computer networks that are known to be bad, which is something that Ottawa IT companies should be able to help interested businesses with. This happens because some forms of malware need to communicate with a control server from time to time, whether to pass on stolen information or to receive new commands. Often, these control servers are located in other countries, meaning that businesses should be suspicious of communications coming from their computer networks to foreign countries with which they have had no previous interactions.

Other potential signs are both numerous and varied in nature. For example, if an infected host becomes reinfected with malware within no more than a short period of time once it has been cleansed, that could be a sign of something much worse than standard malware lurking on the computer network. As a result, they should call in Ottawa IT companies as soon as possible. Likewise, rapid communication between internal hosts in a computer network could be a sign of lateral movement from a cyber-attacker, while a single user attempting to gain access to a wide range of resources from multiple locations within a short period of time could be a sign that someone is attempting to steal information. Unfortunately, such incidents are hard to notice without the proper preparations, which is one more reason that Ottawa network support in the form of managed network services is useful.

Of course, none of these signs are 100 percent proof that a computer network has come under attack because there are innocent explanations for each one of them. As a result, Ottawa businesses should consider seeking Ottawa network support from Ottawa IT companies. After all, combining manual and automatic processes by getting managed network services can ensure superior protection than otherwise possible.

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