Managed Anti-Spam

Email is the most important mode of communication in a modern workplace. They allow quick interactions and act as a written record. Global News reported that the average office worker receives 121 emails each day in 2017.

However, nearly half of those daily emails are spam. Spam emails present a series of challenges to companies. The bulk of spam emails are simply unsolicited advertisements. While these emails can be harmless from a security sense, their management can be time-consuming. If these emails arrive at individual employee inboxes, they need to be sorted and deleted. While the individual action does not take much time, the volume of spam multiplies the time used. Similar impacts can be felt on your servers dealing with higher traffic. This spam management detracts from productive company work.

A smaller amount of spam emails is malicious. These emails include phishing schemes or malware attachments. Phishing schemes present the risk of identity theft. Malware presents a range of risks, depending on the type. When opened or downloaded, malware can then access your internal network and servers. These actions pose a significant security risk.

The best way to manage spam is to ensure it does not arrive in your inbox in the first place. Strong anti-spam filters and management saves time and reduces risks to your IT network. Managed anti-spam services take care of these tasks for one predictable rate, ensuring that only legitimate email is delivered in the most efficient manner. Bedrock IT offers secure, up-to-date anti-spam services to match your company’s needs.