Managed Anti-Virus

Every company wants to avoid the pain of having an online virus infect your IT systems. While the risk is very familiar, the solution is always evolving. An effective virus scan is an important foundation to computer health. However, the composition and tactic of the scan are always changing to match the changing virus risks.

If your virus scan is out of date, a virus can make its way into your system. Then, the boundary can become your employee’s action. They are then responsible to make the appropriate decision to filter and delete the item. This scenario is a double-loss to owners and managers. Here, network security is left in the hands of those without security expertise, increasing the potential for human error. In addition, there is a loss of time and productivity while these risks are managed or waiting to be managed.

These issues can be avoided by placing your anti-virus work in the hands of professionals. Our team of experts will develop a managed virus system tailored to your company’s size and working style. It can be implemented without disruption to your work and continuously monitored for signs of infection. In the unfortunate case of infection, Bedrock IT can implement a solution to neutralize or reverse the impacts on your systems.

Save the stress of renewals and virus detection by using managed services. Bedrock IT will provide complete security monitoring for a predictable monthly rate based on the number of devices in use. You and your staff will appreciate the consistent security of managed anti-virus services.