Managed Desktop

When IT services are considered, often networks and servers get the most attention and maintenance. As the heart of company’s connectivity and records, these items are a natural priority. However, individual staff computers require on-going maintenance to stay in top working condition.

Your or an employee’s laptop or desktop computer is often their single most important business tool. It’s essential that the computer is fully functional and secure within the network. These qualities require on-going maintenance of the devices.

Managed desktop service takes care of these maintenance needs. Our team can compile the status of each computer within your company to develop and implement a maintenance schedule. The latest operating system patches and service packs will be installed on a regular basis. Desktop administration ensures that the individual device is securely connected to your network. Of course, on-going scheduled maintenance provides the opportunity to update and assess each device, which prevents long-term problems.

Some updates and maintenance can be completed remotely, saving you time and money. Additional gains are made as your employees are able to work more efficiently due to their computer’s performance. Downtime and update time are minimized through proactive and professional care.

Remember to keep these essential business tools sharp and ready for work. Individual computer maintenance planning should be included within an effective overall company IT program. Bedrock IT can take care of this important feature within its suite of managed services. To take computer maintenance off your plate, talk to Bedrock IT for an assessment of your company’s needs.