Managed Firewall

Firewall is your network’s first line of defense against ever-evolving online threats. A secure firewall allows smooth communication and connection internally and externally while blocking unauthorized access. It completes the crucial task of monitoring the types of traffic moving or attempting to move through your company’s network.

In order to provide full protection, your firewall needs to be properly configured. Often, these details are overlooked or incorrect. Without the proper configuration, your network and your data fall at risk. These risks are constantly changing, so the previous updates will be less effective over time. With professional management, security updates are kept current. The firewall can then perform as the secure protection it is intended. Our team stays abreast of the latest trends and security issues to ensure firewalls can provide complete connection.

In addition, effective reporting must be set up. The system administrator must be notified or a breach in order to address it. If reports are unseen or fall in a too-busy inbox, they cannot be resolved. Managed firewall services receive and respond to network reports. Risks and therefore reports can arrive anytime night or day, and are managed in an appropriate timeline.

A managed firewall provides protection without internal efforts. You don’t need to follow the latest virus or hacking trends to know that your network stays protected. Our team can examine your company’s specific set-up and offer a valuable, security solution. Find that ease of mind by discussing managed firewall options with Bedrock IT.