Managed Malware

Malware, or malicious software, is the broad term for any software built with the intent of doing harm. The recent shocks and news stories of ransomware like WannaCry and NotPetya are a reminder of the severity of malware.

Malware can come in a range of forms, from Trojan Horses to viruses to spyware. They can be developed by curious hackers looking for a challenge or by criminal organizations with a specific intent. These software types are always evolving and shifting, creating new challenges to keep your company’s network and data safe. Each one has its own method to infect and infiltrate computers and servers. And the number of threats is only increasing.

In 2017 on Android platform alone, Google identified an estimated 10 million suspicious apps. The rate is on the rise from email as well with one in 131 emails containing malware. These growing threats require proactive and current management.

Managed malware services provided by Bedrock IT provides on-going active detection and prevention. Using the latest technology and knowledge of attack evolution, our team stays ahead of the threat for one flat fee. We ensure operating systems are current using installation patches and service updates. This service is built to operate in concert with other network security systems to ensure seamless protection. These managed services can handle removal of malware if it does enter your system. However, these services are focused on prevention. Rather than dealing with the problem after it arrives, our team protects the system from the latest attacks.

To discover how managed malware can relieve your computer security stress, contact Bedrock IT today.