What is the status of your server right now? How about your hard drives? Are they working efficiently? Will there be capacity issues soon? Are my devices compatible with the latest updates? Do your employee desktops need new operating system patches?

These are questions that can plague company managers and owners. While some larger companies have IT departments to manage these issues, they often fall onto the shoulders of managers or small IT teams to resolve issues after employees encounter problems.

Bedrock IT offers monitoring services that allow our experts to track your entire IT systems health and status. Our team installs a small app on each of your system’s devices and can then monitor their performance and statistics remotely. Our team can assess the status to ensure that your server, firewall, and all devices are up-to-date and responding as it should.

With this constant and thorough monitoring, our IT professionals can ensure your network is working efficiently and effectively. Server and network capacity can be assessed and revised to ensure your company has the capacity and connectivity it needs. Devices can be optimized to make the best use of your existing network. Security updates or requirements are monitored and activated to ensure proper security protection. Network slow-downs or outages are avoided or minimized so your employees can focus on your core business.

Bedrock’s monitoring services offer top quality, up-to-date IT performance for a predictable, flat fee. You have professional expertise available to your entire computer system, for problems big or small, that won’t surprise your budget.