Ottawa Network Support Services

As a network technology support provider, Bedrock IT manages the administrative and technical responsibilities of your network and internet enabled computer systems. Network support is a broad category of service, one in which we tailor the services provided to match the specific needs of your business.

Our trustworthy and knowledgeable Ottawa IT network support team will manage your network so you can focus on running your business. We offer secure, reliable support and fully managed services. Bedrock is also able to work alongside your inhouse staff to deploy, maintain, upgrade and repair your network. Our team of IT service experts in Ottawa will provide a real return on your IT investment.

What are some of the tasks our Ottawa IT network support professionals could do for you?

  • Set up, maintain, repair and manage switches, routers, internet connectivity devices and other devices needed to maintain an effective, robust and secure network infrastructure necessary for your business to run efficiently. We also handle the technical tasks that your ISP (internet service provider) may expect you to deal with—things like configuring IP addresses and DNS addresses on every computer in your office. If you’d like, we can also recommend the best internet service for you based on price, location, and bandwidth needs.
  • Install and maintain firewalls that stand between your business IT infrastructure and the outside world. Threats such as viruses, trojans, malware, ransomware and even DoS attackes—are increasing every day. The only way to reduce risks is to remain vigilant. We keep your firewall up-to-date and braced against common threats.
  • We set up, manage, and maintain your business’s local area network. Included in your local area network, or LAN, are all of the networked devices in your office—computers, wired or shared printers, file servers, internet-based phones, etc. What happens in your local network should stay in your local network. That is why Bedrock IT manages the extra layers of security between your LAN and the web.
  • We provide WiFi security. It’s much easier to use WiFi than it is to have wired internet access with wires running around your business. But, WiFi has some vulnerabilities that, unless handled properly, can become full-blown risks.
  • We also provide basic network support. Don’t know the WiFi password? We’ll get it for you. Want to add a new computer to the local area network? We will handle that too. Are internet pages loading slow? We’ll troubleshoot and tell you what the problem is.

Bedrock IT’s network support services are designed to maximize your business’ ability to run without interruption in an increasingly networked world.