Overcoming the Scalability Problem in Network Management

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What Is the Scalability Problem?

Businesses need tools, supplies, and machines to serve their customers. As a result, a limited number of said assets mean a limited number of customers who can be served at the same time. If a business wants to be able to serve more customers at the same time, it will need to acquire more of the assets that it needs to serve its customers, with IT infrastructure being no exception to this rule. In the context of IT infrastructure, scalability is the ease with which a business can expand its computer network with the help of the right Ottawa computer services.

To understand scalability problems, imagine a business that provides information about its products and services to interested individuals through its website. When someone visits its website, its server will run the processes needed to provide them with that information. However, a server has limited computing resources, meaning that it cannot serve more than a limited number of visitors at the same time. Furthermore, if the business starts selling its products and services through its site, it would be able to serve an even smaller number of visitors because the processes for an e-commerce operation are much more complicated and thus much more resource-intensive. This means that a business’s IT infrastructure limits the number of people that it can serve at the same time, which can create a bottleneck for its revenue-earning operations unless it plans ahead with the assistance of IT companies in Ottawa.


How Can the Scalability Problem Be Overcome?

Theoretically, a business can solve the scalability problem by adding more computing resources either on its own or by entrusting it to one of the numerous IT companies in Ottawa that can help. However, this is a poor solution in the long run because adding more computing resources without changing the network architecture will result in diminishing returns, meaning that there will come a point when adding more computing resources will provide fewer benefits than what the business has to pay for them even if it is receiving assistance from the best provider of the relevant Ottawa computer services that it can find.

Instead, a business’s best solution is to plan out upgrades to its IT infrastructure before its IT needs press its computer network to the breaking point. Such planning is best done in close cooperation with the best iT companies in Ottawa, which can help businesses choose the setups that are best-suited for meeting their IT needs in the long run without exceeding their budgets. Furthermore, businesses will want to call in the best Ottawa computer services when the time comes for the installation. This is because a botched installation can cause extended delays, meaning that they need the best IT companies in Ottawa to minimize the chances of such an occurrence.


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