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Security Awareness Training Reviews – PhishMe

PhishMe offer a more specialized service than other companies mentioned in these articles.
PhishMe understand the damage a successful phishing campaign can have on a business, and
focus on this type of attack utilizing an in-depth phishing awareness programme. The
interactive phishing simulator, along with their PhishMe Intelligence and Triage services,
puts PhishMe at the top for deterrence of, and response to, phishing attacks. PhishMe
also provide PhishMe Reporter, an add-on for email clients that enables users to act
as “human sensors” of phishing campaigns, by allowing them to report suspicious emails
with one click, which are then sent to your security staff or PhishMe Triage for further

Below is a deeper look at the services PhishMe provides to help you decide which solution
is more suitable for your organisation. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and a
visit to their website is recommended to determine if PhishMe is right for your company.

PhishMe Simulator: PhishMe Simulator is an easy-to-administer phishing attack simulator,
which focuses on tactics used in target-specific spear phishing campaigns. The simulated
attacks tend to keep at the cutting edge of security threats with attacks including
ransomware, business email compromise and advanced conversational phishing attacks, just
to name few. PhishMe understand that it is not only larger enterprises that need their
staff educated in malicious emails, and they show this by offering a small business edition
for organizations of up to 500 users. PhishMe also provide a cloud-based, free version of
their small business edition for companies restricted by budget.

PhishMe Intelligence: PhishMe Intelligence is a service that provides the latest phishing
threat intelligence, so that your organization is kept up to date on the latest phishing
attacks, and the potential damage they can cause to you network and information. PhishMe
intelligence, offers both human and machine readable threat analysis information, so that
it can be easily integrated in your network firewalls, and is readable by your “human”
firewalls. PhishMe also have a newsletter called Threat Alert, which keeps you up-to-date
with the latest developments in phishing campaigns.

PhishMe Triage: PhishMe Triage is a phishing-specific incident response platform that
provides analytics to security operations centers (SOCs) to speed up processing and
responses to user-reported phishing threats. PhishMe Triage can be deployed in 3 ways.
PhishMe Triage, is a locally-implemented, virtual appliance completely managed by your
organization’s security team. PhishMe Triage Cloud is the cloud-based SAAS implementation.
Finally, PhishMe Triage Managed is an implementation run by PhishMe Defence Center, for
companies who do no have their own local SOC.

If you do not have enough time to deploy or would rather leave it in the hands of
professionals to maintain your PhishMe implementation, PhishMe also provide consulting
and management services to take care of your solution, so you can have piece of mind
that your anti-phishing needs are being tended to by experts.

If you would like to know more about PhishMe and their service, you can visit their
website at

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