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While most security awareness training programmes focus on electronic means
of delivering the necessary information to keep your data assets safe from
remote attackers. Security Awareness Incorporated take a step in the other
direction by providing an emphasis on malicious actors that are closer to
home. From their WebSTART security awareness e-learning solution, ProtectIT
workshops and Security Awareness Related Assessments (SARA), Security Awareness
Incorporated understand that not all attackers use remote means to breach your
security, but they often make unauthorized visits to organizations to perform
their malicious actions.

Below is a brief explanation of some of Security Awareness Incorporated offerings
in security awareness training assessment to help you decide if the Security
Awareness Incorporated are the right training and assessment providers for you.

WebSTART: WebSTART is Security Awareness Incorporated’s e-Learning solution, which
features subjects such as password construction and management, physical security
and wireless security to name a few. WebSTART is SCORM and AICC compliant so it can
be easily integrated into your learning management system, providing organizations
with full administration reporting on users progress through out the WebSTART materials.

ProtectIT Workshops: ProtectIT workshops are for organziations that would prefer the
interactivity and personal touch offered from on-site training. Security Awareness
Training will prepare customized training materials tailored for your organization’s
awareness training needs. Being based on the WebSTART e-learning solution, ProtectIT
features the same topics as WebSTART with additional topics such as building access
home office security and internet usage.

Security Awareness Related Assessments (SARA): Security Awareness Incorporated’s
SARA’s simulate the information gathering and reconnaissance stages of an attack.
In the assessments Security Awareness Incorporated will perform actions such as
tailgating, workspace examination for exposed passwords, dumpster diving and random
social engineering attempts, to test the physical security of your organization,
showing you the data that can be exposed because of poor physical security

On top of the services presented in the above list Security Awareness Incorporated
provide several tools to help with the reinforcement of security concepts presented
in their training including posters, animated banners, screen savers, and security related
trinkets including mugs, rulers and badge holders. Security Awareness incorporated also
offer many pamphlets and e-booklets that offer yet more information on topics covered in
their training solutions. Security Awareness Incorporated also offer many physical security
devices for your laptops and desktops to ensure that your devices are secured physically,
as well as electronically.

If you would like to know more about Security Awareness Incorporated, you can visit their
website at

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