Bedrock IT can help your business lower its cybersecurity risks, improve compliance with internet security standards, and protect your crucial assets with a flexible, adaptable IT security solution that fits within your budget parameters.

Cybersecurity solutions are different for every business. At Bedrock IT, we work with you to outline the unique security requirements of your business, develop a customized outline that puts your priorities first, and implement practical, efficient, low-cost solutions that address the following key areas:

  • Security strategy, risk, and compliance. We help you identify all of your business’s compliance requirements and security vulnerability. We craft plans and processes to keep your information secure, along with putting technologies in place to address vulnerabilities. We show you how to prioritize and focus on the areas that can provide the greatest dividends no matter your resources or budget.
  • Identity and access management. Do you know who has access to your company’s assets? Are you sure those people should have access? Most security breaches happen, not because of outside forces attacking the business’s infrastructure, but because of internal vulnerabilities, errors, and neglect on the part of authorized users. With increasing integration across desktop, mobile, and cloud services, this is more critical than ever. We will help you define user roles, establish strong passwords, and execute a powerful authentication platform that only allows the right people to access the right information within the right (secure) environment.
  • Network and infrastructure security. Stopping unwanted access to your company’s network is becoming increasingly difficult and costly as hackers and cybercriminals find new ways to get around cybersecurity defenses. Bedrock IT helps you stay up-to-date on evolving threats to your business infrastructure while also helping to maximize your budget, handling support requests, scaling your network’s defenses based on growth and company needs.
  • Data and application security. It’s not just your network that needs security; it;s your data and programs themselves. Your business rises and falls on the viability of its data; if that data becomes compromised or unreliable, major problems ensue. And, it’s your software and programs that manage that data that are at the greatest risk. Statistics show that 90% of IT failures and security breaches result from software issues. Bedrock IT helps protect your applications and data through a well-rounded approach that secures email programs, monitors internet browsing, and enhances the integrity and security of your data.
  • Analytics for better security. In business and in IT, what you don’t know can hurt you. Bedrock IT provides vital monitoring statistics so you can know what’s working for your business and the areas in which you need to improve.