Are you looking for great, dedicated IT workers for your business in Ottawa? Bedrock IT can help you fill your staffing positions with qualified individuals who will help your business reach its goals. Because of the plethora of specializations in information technology, finding the right people can difficult, and you may not have the time or resources to commit to this task. Our efficient IT staffing and services division provides a full range of solutions to meet the staffing needs of your organization.

Bedrock IT provides professional recruiting services which delivers top talent with quality and responsiveness. Our aggressive recruiting process coupled with industry knowledge and insight allows us to secure the best candidates in IT consulting and staffing who specialize in an array of disciplines, including medical, legal, finance, and education.

We understand that the success of your organization depends on the quality and commitment of the people who make up that organization. And, it is with that understanding that we connect our clients with the skilled professionals they need to strengthen their workforce and achieve their mission.

Our vetting and pre-screening process looks at the following qualities for each candidate:

  • Punctuality: Will the staff member arrive at work on time? Do they understand the importance of delivering what they say they will deliver when they say they will deliver it? Do they understand that the IT environment is often fast-paced and deadline-driven? Are they able to work well under pressure?

  • Communication: Are they good communicators both verbally and in writing? Do they understand the importance of clarification and attention to detail? Are they committed to telling the truth even when it may hurt them? Will they be responsive to the needs of their employer and the customers whom they come in contact with?

  • Work Ethic: Are they hard workers? Do they work energetically and passionately? Is your business something they can care about?

  • Education and Experience: Where did the candidate go to school? What did they study? Did they graduate? Do they have any industry certifications? How much experience do they have?Where were they employed before and what were the circumstances of their departure?

All of these questions contribute to the profile of possible employees. We ask them so you don’t have to. We will only recommend the candidates who meet our high standards and whom we are sure will meet yours. We help you find the right team so you can follow the path to success.