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Security Awareness Training Reviews – Sword & Shield

Sword & Shield are an enterprise security company offering many security services
including digital forensics, eDiscovery, penetration testing amongst many others.
On top of general security awareness training, they offer higher-level training
services for your security team, such as AlienVault SIEM training and preparation
for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

Sword & Shield also offer HIPPA and PCI compliance training, to help educate your
staff keeping health information and credit/debit card information as safe as
possible from potential attackers. Below is a deeper look at Sword & Shield’s
solutions to help you decide if they can benefit your organization.

Compliance and Information Security Training: Sword & Shield’s security
awareness training is divided in to 3 modules: general security awareness,
ransomware defence, and social engineering training helping to provide your staff
with a strong understanding of the dangers that attackers present to your
organization and your information assets. Sword & Shield also offer HIPPA and PCI
compliance training to teach your staff in, reducing risk through managing
vulnerabilities, what to do if a data breach has occurred and what to expect from
an Office for Civil Right (OCR) investigation.

AlienVault training: AlienVault is a Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
tool, used by security teams to detect and respond to security incidents. Although
this certification is highly specialised in comparison to general security awareness
training, if you are an organization with a dedicated security team utilizing
AlienVault products this 5-day course is definitely a necessity. Those who
complete the course and pass the exam are given AlienVault certification in the form
of the AlienVault Certified Security Engineer (ACSE).

CISSP Training: CISSP certification is a highly regarded information security
certification offered by the EC-Council. Sword & Shield offer a 5-day live online
bootcamp so security professionals, who have been working in the industry for a minimum
of 5 years. Sword & Shield instructors have years of real world experience ensuring that their
trainees are able to demonstrate that they have the skills necessary to protect networks from
attackers in real-world situations.

Sword & Shield offer flexibility in their training by providing multiple formats such as
on-site, classroom, video-based, cloud-based learning management solutions. Their cloud-based
LMS solution can be integrated in to your existing LMS or delivered through the Sword & Shield
offered LMS. Although not strictly a training solution, Sword & Security’s penetration testing
services are also a valuable education too, that teaches your security team about the
vulnerabilities within your organization, ensuring that your security team is aware of the larger
threats to your information assets.

If you would like to know more about Sword & Shields services, you can visit their
website at swordshield.com.

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