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Security Awareness Training Reviews – Symantec

Symantec are known the world over for providing the consumer-level Norton security
software packages, along with many other enterprise security solutions. Although Symantec
tends to focus on educating IT professionals in using their products, they also
offer security awareness training, PCI and HIPAA compliance modules, and role-based modules
on top of training and certifications in using their numerous software packages.

Below is a brief explanation of the security awareness training solutions that Symantec
offer, to help you decide if Symantec is the right provider for you organization.

General security awareness training: Symantec’s offering in general security awareness
is presented in bite-sized training modules that cover essential subjects
such as password, staying secure online and different techniques on how hackers get in to
your internal network amongst many others. Symantec’s training modules are SCORM compliant,
so they can be integrated in to your existing learning management system for easy review
of your user’s progress through the modules.

Role-based training modules: On top of their general security awareness training modules,
Symantec also offer training modules for specific roles with in your organization. Symantec’s
list of training modules encapsulate a broad number of departments including information security,
IT & networking, and human resources. Covering topics like contingency planning & disaster recovery,
personnel security and securing network communications, Symantec ensure that those within your
organization who handle your sensitive information, know how to ensure it’s secure.

HIPAA & PCI compliance: Sometimes your organization handles more than just proprietary or employee
information, and is subject to external regulation for keeping these types of information secure.
Healthcare and credit/debit card information fall in to under external regulations in the form of
HIPAA and PCI-DSS regulations. Symantec offer training modules so your employees who work with these
types of information are aware of the obligations when working with these types of information.

Symantec Certified Specialist: If your organization is using any of the enterprise solutions offered
by Symantec, your IT and information security teams would really benefit from gaining Symantec
Certification. Covering many of their products from their endpoint security suite, to their data
center security packages, Symantec ensure that your technical staff know how to utilize your investment
in their products to help eep your network secure.

Symantec’s expansive education services are offered in many forms, from instructor-led training for their
certifications, to their training management which can seamlessly be integrated in your learning management
system. Meaning that you can trust that your employees are given the relevant education to keep your network
and information assets as secure as possible.

If you would like to know more about Symantec you can visit their website at

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