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Security Awareness Training Reviews – TerraNova

TerraNova offers a comprehensive e-learning information security awareness training
solution. On top of general end-user awareness training, TerraNova provides role-based
security awareness for IT developers, IT administrators and managers. TerraNova have a
vast library of awareness training media and provide an easy to use learning management
system for managers to keep track of their staff’s progress through their interactive

The one defining feature that they have over other awareness training solutions is how
thorough their privacy, compliance and governance training solutions appear to be. These
solutions account for 65% (by length) of their media library. Below is is a brief overview
of TerraNova’s solutions.

Security end-user awareness training: TerraNova offerings in end-user awareness training
are quite thorough and address a broad range of subjects including social engineering,
identity theft, confidentiality on the web and responsible use of the internet at work.
TerraNova also provide micro modules on top of their basic security end-user awareness
training. The micro modules include Wi-Fi security, cyber attack detection, and
preventing security breaches amongst others.

Privacy: Terranova’s privacy awareness solution provides an in-depth look at privacy
awareness, personally identifiable information, protected health information and Privacy
Shield, a framework for exchanging of personal information between EU countries and
the US. The privacy awareness solution also provide in-depth overviews of GLBA, HIPPA/HITECH
and GDPR regulations, ensuring that employees within your organization are aware of their
responsibilities when it comes to handling your customers private information. even

Compliance and governance: `TerraNova’s compliance and governance awareness training is
extraordinarily broad and dense with modules including PCI-DSS compliance, defensive
security briefing and fraud risk management. Coupled with their modules in workplace
violence prevention, building emergency evacuation plans and occupational health and
safety, managers and owners can be rest assured that their liability is kept to a minimum.

Simulated phishing attacks. TerraNova also offer a simulated phishing service which feature
landing and learning pages, real-time training, and visual materials to reinforce
understanding of the dangers of risky behaviours such as clicking links or opening attachments
from an unknown source.

Your staff’s progression through all of these features and others offered by TerraNova are
able to be monitored within TerraNova’s easy-to-use learning management system. Managers
and owners are able to utilise this system to determine where their staffs strengths and
weaknesses are in terms of keeping their company’s information assets safe. TerraNova
also offer education materials such as newsletters, posters, games and screen savers to
reinforce what user learned through out their training.

If you would like to know more about TerraNova, you can visit their website at terranovacorporation.com.

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