The Role of Automation in Network Management

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What Is the Role of Automation in Network Management?

Network management encompasses a wide range of tasks. Some of which are complicated enough to need an IT professional’s expertise and experience, while others are not but still laborious and time-consuming. As a result, automation serves much the same purpose in network management as in other activities, which is to say, it handles what is simple and straightforward so that humans can focus their limited time and effort on what is important.

How Can Businesses Benefit By Using Automation in Network Management?

There are a number of ways that businesses can benefit by using automation in their network management whether they are using an in-house team or Ottawa managed services of some sort:

  • First and foremost, automation reduces costs because the tasks that have been automated no longer need to be completed using the labor of an IT professional, which tends to be expensive even when businesses are using outsourced Ottawa IT support rather than an in-house solution. For cost-conscious businesses, this is a classical example of a short-term cost that will produce more than enough long-term savings to make up for it so long as it is handled in the right manner.
  • Second, automation can eliminate human errors. This is important because even the best IT professionals can make mistakes from time to time, whether because they were tired, out-of-focus, or just missed something that seemed inconsequential but turned out to be important. In contrast, software will never make such mistakes, assuming that it has been programmed to do its job right.
  • Third, there is a limit to even what the IT professionals provided through the best Ottawa IT services can handle at a particular point in time, which can create vulnerabilities in a business’s cybersecurity. For example, if something serious goes wrong while the person in charge of network management is being swamped with network configuration requests, their response is going to be that much slower, meaning that the resulting damage will be that much greater. By automating, businesses can improve the responsiveness of the IT professionals watching over them, which can make a considerable difference to the outcome of events.

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