Three Ways Ottawa IT Companies Can Help Keep Your Business Safe On the Internet

By December 20, 2017Uncategorized

Three Ways Ottawa IT Companies Can Help Keep Your Business Safe On the Internet

According to statistics by Enigma Software, Ottawa is malware capital of Canada. Malware infections in Ottawa occur at a rate of 1,056 percent higher than the national average. In fact, more malware infections take place in Ottawa than in Toronto, a city that is three times larger.

Ottawa businesses are especially vulnerable to malware and spyware attacks which threaten to steal, corrupt, or distribute customers’ personal information across the internet. This is where Ottawa IT companies come in. The network management and network support services provided by IT companies go far beyond protecting your business against malware and spyware.

Here are three things that a network management company can do for businesses in Ottawa.

1. A network management company can select the right software for your business.

Choosing software is one of the biggest steps your company will take. There is an abundance of software available for nearly every business need—accounting, inventory, payroll, and more. But, the most important software your company will select is its security software. There are over sixty valid security programs available, but not anyone is just right for you. A network management company will be able to analyze your business and tell you what security package is right for you.

2. A network management company can install the right software for your business.

While the installation of most security software is a pretty straightforward affair, enterprise level security software is cut from a different cloth than personal computer security software. Businesses face a much higher threat level as hackers and identity thieves seek to steal money and sensitive information or commit fraud via the web. Network management companies provide support for the provisioning of such software so that the business owner can rest assured that their threat level is mitigated.

3. A network management company provides maintenance services for security software.

New security risks and threats are emerging every month—and sometimes every week, and it is crucial that the security software your business uses remains up to date. A network support company can show you how to handle the upgrading of your software and provide valuable insight on the latest dangers that your business and your customers face on the web. While you’re focused on running your business, it’s good to know that someone is keeping an eye on the threats you can’t see.

Security software selection, installation, and maintenance are just one of the necessary services provided by network management companies for Ottawa businesses.