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Security Awareness Training Reviews – Wombat Security intelligence

Wombat Security Intelligence offer a broad end user awareness programme with an
SaaS-based security education platform, which provides real-time reporting,
customizable content and mobile -responsive modules and other features within
a single environment.

Wombat Security’s software packages are not limited to just their platform,
they offer various security awareness programmes with a strong emphasis on phishing
simulations using their ThreatSim software package. Wombat also offer SMS text and
USB drive attack simulations through their SmishGuru and USBGuru simulated attacks.
Wombat have a large amount of interactive modules to increase security awareness with
bite-size training that includes 5-7 minutes of education materials and then challenge
questions based on the material’s content.

Below is an in-depth look at some of Wombat Security’s awareness training solutions to
help you decide if they are the right provider for your organization.

ThreatSim Phishing Simulator: With ThreatSim users are sent simulated phishing emails,
if they click on a link or open an attachment in these emails, they are then presented
with a teachable moment which provide the user with information about the dangers of
real attacks, and avoiding future mistakes. These teachable moments are customizable,
presenting several different types of content such as animated landing pages, short videos
or interactive challenges. A note on the actions taken is also sent to you security education
platform dashboard for further review.

Interactive Training Modules: Wombat provides bite-sized interactive training modules that
present the user with 5-10 15 minute long lessons in subjects such as Anti-Phishing,
Compliance Social Engineering and more, and then challenges the user’s understanding with
questions at the end of the lesson. The great thing about these interactive modules is that
they are SCORM compliant and so they can be easily integrated in to your SCORM based Learning
Management System, for ease of monitoring users progress through the materials.

CyberStrength Knowledge Assessment: Wombat’s CyberStrength Knowledge Assessment test your
users knowledge of security issues beyond phishing with over 150 questions in areas relating
to mobile devices, data management,physical security and more. The assessments help you to
identify areas within your company where knowledge can be improved from organization-wide
down to individual users. On top of the questions in Wombat Security’s library, you can also
create custom questions and assessments tailored to your organization’s needs. Of course the
assessment generates reports to help you determine your organization’s strong and weak points.

PhishAlarm and PhishAlarm Analyzer: Like most companies offering simulated phishing campaigns,
Wombat Security offer a one-click suspicious email reporting add-on for email clients called
PhishAlarm. PhishAlarm Analyzer is PhishAlarm’s companion email analysis tool that provides
a real-time ranking of suspicious emails in order of threat potential, so your security team
can prioritize phishing threats to your network. PhishAlarm Analyzer also classifies emails
using WHOIS lookups and scans of IP and DNS blacklists.

Wombat Security Intelligence seem to be like PhishMe, in that their main focus is on preventing
breach through phishing, but unlike PhishMe they also provide standard awareness training for end
users and emphasize the importance of assessment rather than knowledge, which is guaranteed to augment
any organization’s security posture.

If you would like to know more about Wombat Security’s services, you can visit their
website at wombatsecurity.com.

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