Creating a Sensible Naming Convention For the Network

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The Importance of a Good Naming Convention

Naming conventions can seem unimportant. However, it should be noted that network managers can be responsible for overseeing dozens and dozens of machines. As a result, a system is needed to not just provide each of them with its own name but also make sure that each name is meaningful for people who cannot spare the time and effort needed to familiarize themselves with all of the machines, which is why a good naming convention is so simple in concept but still so important in execution.

4 Simple Suggestions For a Good Naming Convention

Here are 4 simple suggestions that businesses can use to come up with a good naming convention whether they are using their own IT professionals or outsourced Ottawa IT services:

  • Names should be meaningful in the sense that their components should communicate useful information to the people who see them. For example, the first two letters of a name might be used to communicate the region in which the machine is situated. However, network managers should be careful about making the names too meaningful in case malicious outsiders gain unauthorized access to them.
  • On a related note, businesses should choose components for names while considering their permanence. After all, if they choose components communicating information that will change on a regular basis, that will result in a lot of extra work for little benefit, whether the business is making use of tech support Ottawa or not.
  • Once a business has chosen a naming convention, it should make sure that it is applied in a consistent manner. This is particularly important for businesses reliant on managed services Ottawa because the lack of familiarity can create further issues with far-reaching consequences.
  • Network managers responsible for a smaller number of machines can use a less systematic naming convention. For example, some people have been known to use pet names, while other people have been known to use the names of characters from their favorite books. Such naming conventions make for short, memorable names, but become too cumbersome to remain practical for use past a certain number.

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With that said, it is important to note that each business exists under its own set of needs and circumstances, meaning that it must choose a naming convention based on what suits it rather than other businesses out there. However, those that would like to consult an IT professional about the issue should not hesitate to contact us for the Ottawa IT support that they need.

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