Data Back-ups

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Data Back-ups

Data backup services are essential in defending you against elements that can interrupt your smooth computing operations. If you are dependent on your computer for storing valuable data, it is imperative that you be prepared to face the challenges caused by the attacks of worms, malware, Trojans, spyware, and other computer viruses. Having appropriate backup offered by qualified IT support in Ottawa will ensure that you get back to work within a short while. Below is a rundown of the various types of data backups you can have for your business or private data.

  1. Same Computer Backup
  2. Depending on the level of security concerns, some data can be backed up on the same computer satisfactorily. For instance, if a spreadsheet you are working on is almost to undergo a significant change, you can save a different copy that you can go back to if the process goes wrong. However, this type of backup is trivial and useless for data security. If the hard drive fails, you could lose both the original and the backup files.

  3. External Media Backup
  4. Tape backups, CDs, DVDs and external hard disks are still relevant and inexpensive ways of backing up your data. Media kept onsite can be stored safely in fireproof safes or other secure places. A Greater level of security can be achieved if the media is kept offsite. The danger is that onsite media is still exposed to some similar security risks as the original data. On the other hand, although keeping the storage media offsite is more secure, there is a problem with regards to access; you might have to wait long for the media to be delivered to you.

  5. Online File Storage
  6. This option combines safety with security and convenience. Online backup has taken offsite data backup to a new higher level. Even widespread natural disasters cannot threaten the safety or the security of your backup data. The data is also easy to access. All you need to do is log on to the data storage site, and all your data is available to you within no time. Online backups are also very secure. The connections are secured by end-to-end encryption making it impossible for hackers to intercept your files.

In conclusion, it is apparent that you have several options to back up your data. They vary in terms of cost, security, safety, and continence. If you are unable to decide the appropriate backup method for you, just seek our reputable IT services in Ottawa.

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