How Can Network Managers Choose the Right Time to Update Software?

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Is It Possible to Update Too Soon?

There are a number of reasons that businesses should keep their software as up-to-date as possible. First, updated software often come with more features, which can provide their users with a wider range of capabilities. Second, updated software often come with refinements based on user feedback, which can seem minor but still prove a significant improvement to user experience. Third, updated software tends to be more secure because of bug fixes and other corrections of known vulnerabilities, though it is not unknown for them to introduce new problems as well. Regardless, these reasons make it clear why keeping software up-to-date is such a serious concern for network managers.
However, it is important to remember that software updates come with their fair share of costs. For example, newer versions of existing software will come with a financial cost. Furthermore, even if updates come for free, there is still the matter of installing them, minimizing the potential disruption to the business’s revenue-earning operations, and training their intended users to make the best use of their potential. Based on this, it is clear that it is possible to update too soon, meaning that Ottawa-based businesses must choose their timing with care even when they have considerable IT expertise and experience available to them through Ottawa IT support.

How Can Network Managers Choose the Right Time to Update Software?

Here are some suggestions for Ottawa-based businesses in regards to the timing for their updates, though they should make sure to consult Ottawa tech support before proceeding with their plans:

  • First and foremost, businesses should make sure to choose a time when they can update their entire network rather than just a part of it. This is important because a lack of standardization can make matters a lot more laborious and time-consuming for their IT personnel, which is particularly problematic because they will already be swamped with dealing with the aftermath of the partial update.
  • Second, businesses should update their networks during off-hours, which might mean calling in Ottawa managed services to handle it for them. By doing so, they can avoid disrupting their own revenue-earning operations, which can prove expensive in both the short run and the long run.
  • Third, businesses should update when the benefits outweigh the costs, which will require a thorough examination of the benefits provided by the update as well as how they can help boost their revenue-earning operations.

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