How to Improve Network Security Through Data Encryption Policy

By April 19, 2018Uncategorized

How to Improve Network Security Through Data Encryption Policy

The importance of network security is paramount for all companies in the modern world, as all IT companies in Ottawa will tell you. One of the best ways to maintain a high level of network security is to initialize a data encryption policy through an Ottawa data security company.

What is data encryption?

Data encryption, is where an Ottawa data security company adds what’s called an encryption key to the data in your company. All the computers on your network will have the key, but no other computers. How does it work though? If you look at computer data, it’s just strings of 1’s and 0’s, binary code. The data goes from a computer on your network to another computer on your network, but before it leaves the computer, it gets encrypted, or “coded” if you will. To decode the 1’s and 0’s, the computer on the other end needs the encryption key that tells it how to decode the message. That’s how encryption works.

How can it help my company?

If the data is just traveling between computers in your network, why would you need security? Well the chances of you just communicating between your computers alone is slim. Emails, messages, and file transfers happen via the inter-connected network, yes. However, they also happen via the internet. As with anything on the internet, there’s a chance that the message can be duplicated or intercepted en-route from your computer to a colleagues, and if that happened, you wouldn’t want sensitive information being seen by the wrong eyes. That’s how data encryption is useful for your company. IT companies in Ottawa all recommend data encryption because it makes sure that only those in your company with the data encryption keys can read the messages, open the files, or view company data.

Secure Sites?

A good way to maintain security, is to only send data via secure sites (Ones that start with https, rather than http). A secure site has it’s own encryption key built in, over and above the ones you use on your files, and this means double security, as someone would first have to hack through the encryption on the site before being able to start decrypting your data. Double the time and effort will make a potential hacker less willing to try, which is why many businesses make use of Ottawa data security companies.