What Makes for Effective Monitoring?

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Why Is Monitoring Important?

Monitoring means keeping a constant eye on the performance of a computer network. It is important because it tells the network administrator whether the computer network is performing as it should be or not. This enables the network administrator to mount a faster response to malicious intrusions by picking up on tell-tale signs such as port scans and file share access abnormalities as soon as possible. Summed up, monitoring can seem simple, but it is so important that network administrators should optimize it either on their own or with some help from a service provider that specializes in providing managed network services and other forms of Ottawa network support.

What Makes For Effective Monitoring in Network Management?

First, network administrators should be using both manual and automatic processes for monitoring. This is because there is so much information coming in from routers, servers, and the rest of a business’s computer network that a single person cannot hope to process it even with managed network services from a specialist in Ottawa network support to relieve the burden placed upon them. As a result, network administrators should configure their systems to alert them whenever something strange happens so that they can prioritize the most concerning occurrences.

Second, network administrators should monitor the performance of their computer network from more than one perspective. This is because even if its performance looks fine from a first-party perspective, it might not be so from a third-party perspective. Unfortunately, monitoring performance from both a first-party and a third-party perspective means an increased challenge , which is why even the best network administrators should consult a firm that specializes in Ottawa network support for either implementing such processes or providing managed network services so that they can focus on implementing such processes.

Third, network administrators need to make sure that their monitoring is in line with their business’s objectives. For example, if their business runs an e-commerce operation, more of their efforts should be focused on the cybersecurity of their website as well as other common e-commerce issues. Of course, since a business’s objectives can change over time, network administrators should reevaluate the metrics that are monitored over time so as to continue providing their businesses with the most insightful information through their efforts.

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