Countering Attacks With Network Security Policies

By April 19, 2018Uncategorized

Cyber attacks on your network can happen at any time, whether you know about it or not. If you have cyber attack countermeasures installed by Ottawa computer services companies on your mainframe, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you don’t know about cyber attacks, then you might not see the need to call an Ottawa network support company, and that’s why you should keep reading.

The Threats Are Real

Everything is digital these days, documents, messages, and criminals. Problems such as Ransomware, phishing scammers, and hackers being the most common. Ransomware holds your computer’s data hostage, until you send the criminals that wrote it cash in exchange for the unlock codes. Phishing scams get your personal information and sell it to companies who can use it for telemarketing databases, or for people to find out where you live. Hackers are becoming a problem because they’re all looking for the files on your computer where you store your cryptocurrency data, so that they can steal it.

Falling victim to any one of these problems could leave you anywhere from somewhat poorer, to completely bankrupt. So how can you prevent these problems? With Ottawa computer services, that’s how.

How can it help?

Ottawa network support companies have databases of potential hackers IP addresses, the filenames and coding of ransomware, and the digital signatures of phishing scams. As the list is ever growing and changing, they can’t expect to remove the problems from your computer as and when they hit you. Instead, they let the problems come to their firewall, and kill it before the problem starts.

The protective firewall they install in your business is coded in such a way, they you can rest easy at night, knowing that no harmful IP addresses will ever access your data. The firewall analyzes all data that goes in and out of your business, looking for the telltale signs of ransomware, such as executables stored within a cookie, or sniffer programs that send encryption keys to the hackers at an external IP address.

Some of the more advanced firewalls can even block all external IPs from being visited by any computer within your internal network. Although the employees might not like the fact that they can’t log in to their facebook or twitter accounts, the safety policies in place will protect your business from any and all external threats that could cripple your business.