Ottawa Computer Services Firms Will Help Improve Cyber Security in ’18

By April 19, 2018Uncategorized

2018, a new year with new challenges that all businesses have to face. Luckily, cyber security won’t be one of those, with all of the new and improvement Ottawa network security companies and the security policies that they’re implementing. There are many cyber threats predicted to arise in 2018, and by using an Ottawa IT consulting company, you won’t be subject to those attacks.

What threats are out there?

They say that not knowing is worse than knowing, and in this case, Ottawa network security companies know all the threats that are emerging in the cyber world, which means that you can rest easy, knowing that they have ways to combat the main threats. In this case, the biggest threats are cryptocurrency-driven hackers, and ransomware.


Hackers are everywhere. It may sound like a generalization from a corny b-movie, but it’s true. With the ever-increasing value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium, hackers are even more motivated than before to break into your computers and servers to access the cryptocurrency files where your currency data is stored. A simple slip up in security, and you could lose millions of dollars, but not if you make use of an Ottawa IT consulting company’s services. They’ll install an external firewall to stop the hackers before they even get in. The firewall will maintain the security of your company from external problems, as well as protecting your network from internal dangers, such as browsing cookies and executables, which brings us to the second point.


Ransomware is the newest threat predicted to hit in 2018, with hackers and programmers creating snippets of code that locks you out of your own computer unless you send them a wire transfer of cash. Understandably, this could be devastating for a company that relies heavily on their mainframe, or one that has a database of sensitive information. Because of this new threat, Ottawa network security companies have found ways to combat this, but installing more aggressive executable-blockers on company computers, that stop the problems before they begin. The blockers scan every application before they open, to make sure that the application is a “verified as safe” app, rather than a potentially harmful ransomware executable.

Safety is Key

Prevention is better than cure, and with IT security, this is definitely true. By hiring Ottawa IT consulting companies to install safety measures in your mainframe and database, they keep abreast of the latest changes in security measures and countermeasures, it means that in 2018, IT cyber security will be secure.