Business Will Benefit With Robust Intrusion Detection Policies

By April 19, 2018Uncategorized

Business Will Benefit With Robust Intrusion Detection Policies

With everything becoming digital nowadays, there is valid cause for alarm when it comes to hiring Ottawa computer services to protect your business mainframe. Everything is stored on databases, things like usernames, passwords, banking details, and social security numbers. In the wrong hands, these seemingly simple things could cause havoc, chaos, and disaster. That’s why it’s important to get Ottawa network security for your business.

Why Should I?

The reasons behind getting robust intrusion detection policies in your business are two-fold. The first (and arguably most important) reason is security. Prevention is better than cure, and in the case of IT security, this is very true. Having a system in place that can stand against even the toughest hackers means that you can rest easy at night, knowing that the Ottawa computer services you have hired to protect your data has done it’s job.

The second reason behind having having a robust intrusion detection policy, is that your clients will be more inclined to trust you and your business. If you can guarantee that their data will be secure with you, boasting the fast that you have hired Ottawa network security companies to protect their data, they will trust you with their business, and in turn potentially bring their acquaintances to make use of the services your company offers.

How does it work?

Generally, the most secure method of intrusion detection would be a firewall. Not the one on your windows computer however, as that can be bypassed fairly easily. Some of the safest and most secure firewalls are Linux based. These firewalls not only stop outside intruders from hacking your data, but they can also track and trace where the hacks are coming from, and you can use this information to notify the authorities.

A system like this can also be used to block outgoing traffic from your network users. The problem with websites, is that they employ the use of cookies to make sure that the sites load faster. Not all sites are secure though, and this can lead to a virus, worm, or sniffer being uploaded to the computer of an unsuspecting employee. By blocking certain outgoing connections to “unsafe” websites, this will equally help protect your company.

Getting your Ottawa computer services company to install a firewall in your business means that your network will be secure, and you can go about your work with minimal IP latency or interference. The connection between your internet connection, and your database and network users is seamless, protected by an impenetrable firewall, installed by an Ottawa network security company. As far as intrusion detection policies go, this is definitely a good method.